Weight Loss Blog – Holiday Eating

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Greetings and Happy Holidays! The Holidays are almost upon us….and during the next 7 weeks or so we may be exposed to foods not on our plan. So what do we do???? Should we just eat them and hope to not gain too much weight? Should we stay away from all of them and deprive ourselves completely? Should we increase our exercise? What to do….what to do???

Here are some ideas which may help. #1 have a plan, yes a plan. If you plan for eating and know what you will and won’t do, I think you can get through the Holidays and feel in control. HOWEVER, here’s the catch….if you make a plan, CARRY IT OUT. It’s awesome to create a plan, but if you don’t follow it through, you’ll feel worse!

#2 be realistic…you know yourself and your limits so plan accordingly. For example if you plan on not eating any bread at all and know that there are certain bread items you, your family and friends make that you simply can’t resist, don’t put zero bread in your plan. Instead, you want to set a limit, like selecting 2 or 3 of your most favorite.

#3 stick to your plan as much as possible and identify when and where are you most likely to want to eat non-plan foods.

#4 activity helps. What I mean by that is adding a little more activity to your exercise regime: for example, parking the car a few more feet away from the store or walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or deciding to walk one or two more days per week. Activity helps so consider adding it to your plan.

#5 ask for help from the Peak Health Team….they are there for YOU!

I hope these ideas will give you a good start to a happy, healthy and low carb eating this Season. I will continue to offer tips, ideas and recipes to help us all get through the Holidays. Till next time……Happy Thanksgiving! Melanie