Weight Loss Blog – Super Bowl Party

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Greetings! Are you going to a Super Bowl Party and want to stay on your eating plan? Here are a few tips. Eat something on your plan before you go so that you won’t be tempted to just grab the first food you see when you arrive at the party. Bring a food that you can munch on like a vegetable tray or turkey roll ups. A cheese tray would work too! Or maybe you make a yummy low carb dish that you can take to the party. If your plan allows alcoholic beverages, stick with low carb beer and wine or champagne and limit your intake. Sip slowly and drink a full glass of water in between each drink. Champagne spritzers work well! Scan the entire food display at the party and focus on the tasty delights you know you can eat (and completely avoid the ones you should not eat). If you find there is something so delicious that you can’t pass it up, take a small piece or share it with someone else. Most importantly, I think, is to have a positive outlook and feel confident that you can stick to your plan. It’s easier to stick to your plan when you have good food at your fingertips. Enjoy the party and I hope your team wins! Wishing you a happy, healthy and low carb week. Till next time………………Melanie