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Weight Loss Blog – Coffee Shops

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Greetings! Once in awhile while I’m out and about, I like to get a cup of coffee at one of those coffee shops, like Starbucks. To keep my selection on the low carb side, I order a regular size decaf cappuccino with whole milk and a sugar-free flavoring, like hazelnut. Delicious and low carb! Unfortunately, there are not many other items that are low carb at these shops, so try not to be tempted into any of their sugary treats. I know that can be challenging, however, if you get the coffee first and take a big sip (watch it’s hot!) the sweetness from the sugar-free flavoring should help reduce the temptation for anything else. Wishing you and happy, healthy low carb week. Till next time…………

Weight Loss Blog – Great Low Carb Bread Company

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Greetings! While I was at Peak Health last week, I learned about the Great Low Carb Bread Company. Several practitioners, including Dr. Quigley, order bread, bagels, etc. from this company and like their products. If you would like to give them a try, their website is This can be a quick and easy alternative to making your own bread and most importantly can satisfy your bread craving! Making breadcrumbs from their bread is a great Thanksgiving stuffing ingredient too! Wishing you happy, healthy and low carb eating! Till next time………….Melanie

Weight Loss Blog – Low Carb Lasagna

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Greetings and Happy Autumn! I have been making home-made spaghetti sauce for over 40 years and substitute spaghetti squash for pasta since I have been following a carbohydrate-conscious lifestyle. I wanted to find a low carb lasagna for variety and a quick Google search produced a variety of websites offering free recipes. I ended up printing several and then mixed and matched to come up with my own version. I used eggplant however there are recipes that use zucchini as well. I think the key to this recipe is having a really delicious sauce. And I used 3 cheeses: part-skim ricotta, parmesan and queso fresco instead of mozzarella. My husband and I were happily surprised that low carb lasagna could be so tasty! Here’s my ingredient list: 2 large eggplant cut lengthwise; spaghetti sauce, home-made or your favorite store brand; the 3 cheeses mentioned above; spinach sautéed in onion; oregano, garlic powder, parsley and salt and pepper. I baked the sliced eggplant for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees then layered sauce, eggplant slices, all the spinach, the ricotta mixture (ricotta, salt, pepper, 1 egg, parsley, oregano), sliced quesco fresco then layered again. I topped it with parmesan and baked at 375 degrees until golden brown and bubbly. Yummy! You can also add mushrooms and carrots and peppers if you like. Hope you have delicious fun experimenting! Till next time……………

Weight Loss Blog – Pizza

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Greetings! Meagan Fitzpatrick RN, BSN shares a great recipe for low carb pizza:

The crust recipe: 2 cups almond flour, 2 eggs, Italian seasoning to taste, 2T olive oil.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients (it is normal for the mixture to be sticky). Roll crust dough onto parchment paper into pizza shape (size of a pizza stone), the dough can stick to a rolling pin so may help to put a piece of parchment paper on top of the mixture and roll on that instead of the roll directly. Place parchment paper (remove top parchment paper if used it for rolling) directly on oven rack and bake until golden brown, about 15-20min. Remove crust and turn oven to broil. Put your pizza toppings on! Put pizza back in oven until toppings are bubbly and cooked to your liking (only a couple of min).

Mike and Meagan’s favorite pizza combinations: pasta sauce (we have found the Classico brand to be the lowest in carbs), shredded mozzarella, chopped onions, chopped green peppers, pepperoni, sausage (cook first), Alfredo sauce, deli ham cut into pieces, chopped jalapeños (grill first), bacon pieces.

Enjoy and Happy Low Carb eating! Till next time……………….

Weight Loss Blog – July 4th BBQ

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Greetings! Here are some tips for eating at a BBQ during the July 4th Holiday:
1) If you are not sure what kind of food will be served at the BBQ, eat something on your plan before you go. This way you won’t feel so famished that you eat the first thing you see! And you can then pick and choose wisely!
2) Consider bringing a low carb appetizer to munch on like cheese and veggies.
3) If you want to drink alcohol (and it’s on your plan), wine or champagne are good choices as they are generally low in carbs. But don’t overdo it!!! And remember to drink a full glass of water before and after your drink!
4) Plan ahead if possible, meaning that you limit your carb intake before going to the BBQ so that you can eat good carbs when you get there and still be within your daily plan.
5) If you really just HAVE TO HAVE a specific higher carb food, eat it…..but try to limit yourself to a bite or two. If you find yourself eating the whole thing……get back on track the very next day!
6) If you are given a plate that already has a hamburger with a bun on it….just eat the hamburger and toss the bun. (I like cheese on my burger!)
7) Bring someone with you who also follows a low carb lifestyle so that you can support each other with healthy eating.
Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Low Carb and Safe July 4th weekend! Till next time…….

Weight Loss Blog – Support

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Greetings! My name is Melanie and I’ve been blogging on the Peak Health Family Medicine website since March, 2015. My goal is to provide tips and tools to all those who follow a carb-conscious lifestyle. I am not a medical professional, however, I am a Peak Health patient and fellow low carb follower for over a year (I’ve lost 30lbs!). I offer my experiences with a lifestyle I love; share how it works for me and provide ideas and information that will help you on your journey to Peak Health following a carb-conscious lifestyle. I would be happy to chat if you have any questions and/or would like some motivational ideas or support! Just let your Peak Health providers know of your interest and they will put you in touch with me. I look forward to chatting with you. In the meantime, have a healthy, low carb week! Till next time………………

Weight Loss Blog – Tortilla Chips

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Greetings! I like to eat tortilla chips occasionally and always look at the package labels, hoping to find a lower carb brand. I recently discovered La Favorita, a Colorado brand of tortilla chips with 7 net carbs in an ounce of chips (about 10). That’s the lowest I’ve seen thus far and they have the following ingredients: stone ground yellow corn, water, soybean oil, salt and a trace of lime – nothing else! The other brands I checked have 16 or more net carbs, more than twice as much. And, best of all, I think La Favorita tortilla chips are delicious! If you are craving low carb chips and dip, give La Favorita a try! Happy low carb eating! Till next time……..

Weight Loss Blog – Carbs vs Saturated Fats

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Greetings! Dr. Quigley sent me an article from, published in November, 2014, that is about carbs vs. saturated fats. A recent study concluded that “an uptake in consumption of saturated fat does not increase saturated fat levels in the blood, but consuming more carbohydrates is related to higher levels of fatty acids associated with adverse health outcomes”. It also stated, “while on the high-fat low-carb diets, researchers found that levels of palmitoleic acid-a biomarker of obesity, insulin resistance, and heart disease-decreased”.

What does this all mean? Well, when I first started this plan a year ago, I was unsure how eating more fat and less carbs could help me lose weight. Not only have I lost about 30 pounds, my blood pressure has decreased and so has my cholesterol! And, I find that I get less colds – meaning (I think) my immune system is higher. Overall, I feel so much healthier than I was a year ago (and look better too). Hooray!

So, based on my personal results and taking into account the conclusion of this study, eating higher fats and lower carbs is the RIGHT THING TO DO! If you would like to read the article, please go to, put carbs vs. saturated fats in the search tab, and it will bring up this and a few other related articles you may want to browse. Happy reading and high fat/low carb eating! Till next time……..

Weight Loss Blog – Breakfast

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Greetings! Eating breakfast is important! How do I know? Well, I’m a breakfast convert. For a large part of my adult life I drank my coffee, went to work and around 11am found that I was famished. So, I had an early lunch, then snacked, then had dinner, then another snack, etc. etc. What I realized was that if I didn’t have a good breakfast, I got hungrier as the day wore on and found out that eating breakfast gets your metabolism kicking so you have energy and burn calories. So, I will always eat breakfast……always! What do I have? Well, it may sound a little out of the ordinary…..this morning I had onion, asparagus and turkey in EVOO over fresh spinach with herbs/spices….DELICIOUS and filling and about 6-8 carbs (sometimes I add a little cheese or salsa). I usually have a few almonds that I munch on between breakfast and lunch and I’m surprised how satisfying that little snack is! What else do I have? Once in awhile I am just not very hungry so at the least I will have a low carb protein drink (by EAS, 1.5 carbs per 11oz) or a Detour bar (net 3 carbs). If I’m pressed for time and don’t feel like a protein drink or bar, I take 2 slices of good cheese, put a slice of turkey in between, add some fresh spinach leaves, put a teaspoon or so of mayo/mustard and have a sandwich without the bread. I also make the low carb blueberry muffins that are in George Stella’s cookbook (see blog from a few weeks ago). And, I also have eggs although I stay around 4 per week. I have lots of veggies with my eggs. If I’m on the road and fast food is the only restaurant around, I will get a “mcmuffinlike” breakfast and just don’t eat the bread! Hope this gave you some ideas to use in the future. Please remember to eat a good breakfast! Plan ahead if you need to(like prepping the night before), incorporate the things you like to eat that are on your plan and use herbs and spices for lots of flavor. Have a happy, healthy low carb cooking weekend! Till next time………..

Weight Loss Blog – Restaurant Eating

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Greetings! I went to a new restaurant last week. I’m apprehensive when I visit a new restaurant, however, I checked it online first and felt confident I could eat well and stay within my carb plan. It’s a good practice to review the menu of any restaurant you want to go to beforehand. If I decide to go to the restaurant, I feel certain that they will accommodate any changes I wish to make, usually at no charge! For example, the dish I ordered at last week’s restaurant included rice with the salmon and veggies. I asked if I could get extra veggies instead of rice and was told “of course – with pleasure”. Another thing you can do is ask your server to not bring food items to the table that you don’t want to eat; like bread or tortilla chips, etc. Works every time! If we are with friends who do eat bread/chips, I push them to their side of the table. Interestingly enough, our friends seem to eat less of these food items if we are not indulging in them and that’s a good thing! Once in awhile I will take a few tortilla chips with salsa but I’m ok doing this because I’ve maintained my food log and know where I stand carbwise for that day. So check the menu before you go; don’t be afraid to make reasonable food change requests and always remember to keep up your food log. Have a healthy low carb week! Till next time…….