Weight Loss Blog – Thanksgiving Eating Tips

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Greetings! It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I’d like to share a few tips to help with your Turkey Day eating…..

Please keep to your plan as much as possible and remember not to starve yourself.
Drink plenty of water.
If you are going to a restaurant, check out the menu beforehand so you can plan what you will eat and decide what you’ll stay away from.
If you are going to someone’s home, make sure to eat something on your plan before you leave your house so that you will be less tempted to grab the first food you see when you get there.
If you are eating at home, make sure to cook up something on your plan that you love.
For snacking, eat veggies like celery, carrots, edamame, etc. and make up one or two of your own wonderful dips to go with them.
Stay away from areas with food that you don’t want to eat….like a table filled with just desserts.
For those foods you don’t usually eat but since it’s the Holiday….take a spoonful or one or two bites.
Wine and spirits don’t have lots of carbs but remember moderation and drink a glass of water in between.
Hope these tips will help! Wishing you all a Happy, Safe and Fun Turkey Day! Till next time…….Melanie