Weight Loss Blog – Cream and Label-reading

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Greetings! Not too long ago, I wanted to make the cauliflower casserole I mentioned in a previous blog. Well, I did not read the label as I should have at my local supermarket and purchased a cheaper what I thought was “real” cream. The casserole didn’t taste as good as it usually does so I looked at the label and realized what a mistake I made. This store-brand product did have some cream in it, but it also had other ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce as well as lots more carbs per serving. Boy did I learn a lesson! My first mistake was in thinking that cheaper didn’t matter and my bigger mistake was NOT reading the label prior to buying the product. So, bottom line: READ THE LABEL BEFORE PURCHASING THE PRODUCT! I know I’ve mentioned label-reading in a previous blog and didn’t follow my own advice – shame on me! Well, never again. I will ALWAYS be sure to read the label and please, please, please do the same. Your food will taste better, be better for you and your carb count will be lower!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, nutritious and low-carb week! Till next time………Melanie