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Weight Loss Blog – Mashed Cauliflower Substitute

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Greetings! Do you like mashed potatoes but don’t eat them because you know they are a carb heavy food? How about trying cauliflower as a substitute….Cauliflower? Yep, cauliflower! We visited friends yesterday who also follow a low carb lifestyle and they made mashed cauliflower with parsnips. They tasted great and while I know it’s not really mashed potatoes, they totally satisfied my craving. My friend steamed a head of chopped cauliflower with about a cup of parsnips (which add a slight sweetness) until soft. She then drained them, added a bit of smart balance, salt and pepper and then mashed them (immersion blender works well). Delicious! Another taste option is to add some cheese on top. Yum! She also made dark chocolate chip cookies with almond flour by following the recipe on the back of the Bob’s Red Mill package. Also delicious and filling as well – I had two of em! And best of all, low in carbs! It was a winner of a dinner – thank you dear friends! We’ll be coming back for more. Wishing you a healthy, enjoyable low carb week. Till next time……

Weight Loss Blog – Bread

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Greetings! Do you like bread but don’t think you can have any because you are on a low carb eating plan? Well, don’t despair! There are a number of websites catering to low carb baking that use almond flour as well as coconut flour; both of which are low in carbs. Check out the following websites for low carb bread and other baking recipes:,,, There are also more and more “stores” that carry low carb bread, tortillas, etc. that you can order online:, Even our local supermarkets are starting to offer low carb bread options! I have found however, that baking yourself is a more delicious alternative. There is also a website that provides low carb substitutes for traditionally carb-heavy foods:

So the good news is that you don’t have to abstain from eating bread altogether and can indulge once in awhile! Have fun checking out and making these low carb bread recipes. Happy low carb eating…..till I see you next time…….

Weight Loss Blog – Reading Ingredient Labels

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Blogs by Peak Health Low Carb Follower, Melanie

Greetings! I was at the store the other day and read a label (as all of us low carb followers do!) that listed “other carbohydrates”. I know that to obtain “net carbs” I subtract dietary fiber and sugar alcohol from total carbs, however, I did not remember seeing the term “other carbohydrates”. I didn’t think you should deduct it but wanted to confirm this is the case. So, I contacted Meagan Fitzpatrick, RN at Peak Health Family Medicine and fellow low carb follower. Meagan confirmed that when looking at the nutrition label, take the total carbohydrates and deduct ONLY the fiber and sugar alcohols to obtain net carbs. Thanks Meagan for confirming this! Thought I’d pass this piece of info along in case any of you were pondering this question as well. Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Low Carb Eating Week! Till next time………..

Weight Loss Blog – Low Carb Cookbook by George Stella

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Blogs by Peak Health Low Carb Follower, Melanie

Greetings! This is the first in a series of weekly blogs designed to provide tips, tools, information and ideas for living and loving a low carb lifestyle. I want to let you all know about a book I just found, “The Complete Low Carb Cookbook” by George Stella, a professional chef. He and his family lost 550 pounds following a low carb lifestyle and his cookbook has lots of good recipes to try. He doesn’t have a website (yet) however the book is available in most book stores as well as through I recently made blueberry muffins as well as a cauliflower casserole that had folks asking for more. Happy Cooking! Till next time………..

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